What Really Attracts Mosquitoes?


Spring is on its way as the New Year sets in, and with it, many people are thinking about how they are going to approach dealing with mosquitoes and other pests once again. One of the best ways you can arm yourself in the battle with mosquitoes is understanding how they work, and one of the many questions people have about these bugs is just how they are actually attracted to people.

People can attract mosquitoes in several different ways, so take note of some of the following things you should keep an eye on this spring and summer to keep yourself protected against the bugs.

First off, it is interesting to note that people with Type O blood are going to be more attractive to mosquitoes than others. For some reason, this blood type attracts mosquitoes, so people with this blood type should take extra precautions when going outside.

You should also avoid scented lotions and perfumes when planning on spending time outdoors, as these scents are capable of attracting mosquitoes, as well. Instead of these scents, you might want to use scents hated by mosquitoes, such as lemongrass or citronella.

Wearing dark clothing is another way mosquitoes can be attracted to you quickly. Mosquitoes have terrible eyesight, and dark clothing allows them a silhouette they can see more easily. Consider lighter colored clothing if you plan on spending a good deal of time outside among the mosquitoes.

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As you can see, some interesting things can be attractive to mosquitoes. Think about some of these ways you can counter them, or if you want to rid your yard of the pests for good, you should call up your local mosquito control company in Gainesville so they can get rid of your mosquito problem once and for all.